I began my journalism career in high school working as the editorial cartoonist for the community newspaper in my hometown on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. I subsequently earned a masters in journalism from the University of Southern California, and worked as a Contributing Editor based in Stockholm and Vancouver for Wallpaper* from 1999 to 2003. I also work as a freelancer and have had my writing published in The Globe and Mail, Los Angeles Times Magazine, Saturday Night Magazine, San Francisco Chronicle, Canadian Geographic, Georgia Straight, among others. What follows is a selection of my feature writing.

Freelance Portfolio

The Beast That Is China’s Ruling Party / A review of The Party: The Secret World of China’s Communist Rulers by Richard McGregor which was originally published in the Vancouver Sun on August 14, 2010. Read more. 

Marketing Brand Canada / Our designers have been wowing markets around the world despite the little support they get at home. Now the attention is reaching critical mass and things look set to change. Eric Enno Tamm reports on one of Vancouver’s savviest studios for the The Globe and Mail. Read more.

Of Myths and Men / He is the Jerry Garcia of American science — a beer-drinking, bearded guru who ignored the social and scientific orthodoxies of his time, a progenitor of the counterculture, an enigmatic ecologist whose pioneering work was initially rejected by the scientific establishment. Eric Enno Tamm profiles a cult figure in American science for the San Francisco Chronicle.Read more.

Guru of Glass / Douglas Coupland may have dubbed it the “City of Glass”, with his so-titled best-selling book in 2000, but it is Joel Berman who is single-handedly cutting, etching and moulding a stellar international image for excellence in this glistening West Coast city. Eric Enno Tamm reports from Vancouver for The Globe and Mail. Read more.

A Fine Line / The phrase public infrastructure should send a shiver up any architect’s spine. Think brute concrete, raw steel, nuts and bolts and form always being sacrificed for function. For it’s engineers—and never architects—who take the lead constructing roads, rails and bridges. Until now that is. Eric Enno Tamm reports from Vancouver for Azure Magazine. Read more.

Wallpaper* Portfolio

Logo Land / The world’s smallest nations have found a new weapon to take on to the global battlefield of commerce and fame – branding. Wallpaper*‘s Eric Enno Tamm plots the rise of the brand state and heralds a new epoch of Gucci government. Read more.

The West Wing / Seventy per cent of the world’s business jets are made in Wichita, Kansas – a Midwestern cow town where the bar talk is all about Lears, not steers, reports Eric Enno Tamm for Wallpaper*. Read more.

Prophet of Boom / The story of Tunisia reads somewhat differently to that of other Arab nations. Duelling dynasties, orgy-loving rulers, invasions by both the French Foreign Legion and film crews shooting series-spawning sci-fi classics. Its capital, Tunis, is a city like not other: a magical melange of the Moorish and modern, dynamic and Islamic. Eric Enno Tamm reports for Wallpaper*. Read more.

Through A Glass Darkly / That gulping sound you hear is the world’s population thirstily quaffing the last drops from Earth’s aquifers. It’s inconceivable if you live in rainy old Blighty or Bergen, but fresh water could become the luxury item of the future. Wallpaper*’s Eric Enno Tamm plunges into the crises surrounding the plant’s splashiest resource. Read more.

Brain Trust / When you’ve sketched out your latest multimillion-dollar product idea on the back of an envelope, you don’t want it stolen by the bit of fluff you met in Punte. Head straight for the World Intellectual Property Organization and protect your baby from the grasping hands of the world’s commercial pirates. Wallpaper’s Eric Enno Tamm reports from WIPO’s Geneva Headquarters.Read more.

The New World Order / The nation-state is so 20th century. A rising regionalism around the world is dissolving old national borders. The global city-region, cross-border region, and super-region is the new parlance of a borderless world of swashbuckling businessmen, high-speed commuters and jettsetting teenagers. Eric Enno Tamm plays creative cartographer and updates the Times Atlas sans frontieres. Read more.

Cold Warriors / If an avalanche enveloped your Sun Valley chalet, a blizzard engulfed you on Mont Blanc or you got a touch of frostbite at Whistler this winter, would you know what to do? Eric Enno Tamm enrols at Norway’s School of Infantry and Winter Warfare to find out how Nato’s finest combat what Jack Frost’s got to throw at them. Read more.

Speaking in Tongues / From Beijing to Brussels, the chattering classes are learning English in their millions. Second-language speakers now outnumber native tonguers. Do you talk Chinglish, Manglish or Singlish? Eric Enno Tamm deciphers the new dialects of our lingua franca and the future for a standard “World English.” Read more.

The Power and the Glory / Icelanders laughed in the 1970s when a university professor spearheaded hydrogen as the energy of the future. Now the island nation is set to become a global guinea pig — the first fully-fledged hydrogen-powered, eco-friendly economy on the planet. Wallpaper*‘s Eric Enno Tamm investigates the latest – and greenest – quest in Iceland’s epic history. Read more.

Viking Press /
A new Swedish media empire is hitting the world’s subways with a free tabloid newspaper. Eric Enno Tamm goes underground to find out about the conquest of global commuters. Read more.

Summer of Sami / Europe’s only ancient indigenous people have undergone a make-over. At the heart of their revamp is a futuristic concept–a borderless Sami supra-nation. Wallpaper heads north for what historians will record as the “Arctic Renaissance.” You read it here first. Read more.

Europa 2010 / Want to know how you’ll look and live circa 2010? The EU is about to release a lifestyle report that sets out five scenarios that could potentially play themselves out in a decade’s time. Nordic correspondent Eric Enno Tamm pulled on his freshest strides, boarded a flight to Brussels, and leaked the following….Read more.