Storytelling in the digital age is about multimedia: video, text, photography, infographics. The key is to figure out which medium, or combination of media, is right for a given story or target audience. With training in video production at the University of Southern California and Maine Media College, and photographic training at Vancouver’s Focal Point Visual Arts Centre, I try to enrich my communications work through multimedia. I’ve also attended Edward Tufte’s famed course on data visualization and infographics. Below is a selection of photography and video that I’ve done over the years.



This is a video book trailer that I produced from my new book, The Horse That Leaps Through Clouds: A Tail of Espionage, the Silk Road and the Rise of Modern China.

This is a video which I produced for a one-week course at the Maine Multimedia College in Rockport.

I shot, produced and edited this video for a design studio in Vancouver, BC.

I shot, produced and edited this video on a new aboriginal business partnership for Ecotrust Canada Capital.