Since 1995, I’ve worked in the nonprofit sector as the executive director of the Coastal Community Network, communications director of Ecotrust Canada and a consultant for various environmental nonprofits and fisheries organizations. I’ve done work in strategic communications, branding, media relations and social media. I’ve also done considerable communications work and policy analysis focused on Pacific fisheries.

Ecotrust Fisheries Analysis

Fair Catch: Ten ways to improve the catch share proposal for the West Coast trawl fishery / In this report co-authored by Eric Enno Tamm, Portland-based Ecotrust lays out ten ways that the U.S. Pacific Fishery Management Council can improve the design of its catch share program to meet the economic, social and ecological objectives and requirements of the Magnuson-Stevens Act. Ecotrust’s solution would ensure a fair catch share program that fosters efficient and responsible quota markets while ensuring strict conservation to protect the interests of future generations.Read more.

A Cautionary Tale about ITQ Fisheries in BC / Individual transferable quotas (ITQs) are being promoted as a panacea for global fisheries. However, this study of BC fisheries, coauthored by Eric Enno Tamm and published by Ecotrust Canada, raises serious questions about this new economic approach. It’s time to rethink how ITQs are designed, managed and implemented. Read more.

Catch-22: Conservation, Communities and the Privatization of BC Fisheries / This landmark study, coauthored by Eric Enno Tamm, garnered headlines across British Columbia. Ecotrust Canada and Ecotrust (USA) published the study, which employed Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology to map the socioeconomics of BC’s commercial fishing industry. The study found that there is too much capital chasing too few fish: federal fisheries policies have downsized the BC fishing fleet, but increased capitalization in licences and quota, forcing rural and Aboriginal fishermen out of business. Read more.

Case Study: Pacific Coast Fishermen’s Conservation Company / An innovative business model called a quota and licence bank seeks to improve both the economic viability and sustainability of local fishermen. This case study was coauthored by Eric Enno Tamm and published by Ecotrust Canada.Read more.