100 Infographic Tools and Resources

by Eric Enno Tamm. Average Reading Time: about 3 minutes.

The following list of links comes from a blog post by Chris McConnell, the Founder and Editor of DailyTekk. This is the most comprehensive list of infographic and data visualization resources that I have found online. McConnell has also categorized the 100 resources under five headings and provided a short description of the resource.

The Best Blogs and Websites About Infographics

  1. Visual.ly
    - Awesome community for creating and sharing infographics.
  2. Information Aesthetics
    – The relationship between design and information.
  3. Visualizing.org
    - Making sense of complex issues through data and design.
  4. Visual Complexity
    - A resource for the visualization of complex networks.
  5. Daily Infographic
    - A new infographic every day.
  6. GOOD Infographics
    - GOOD Magazine’s excellent infographics section.
  7. Information Is Beautiful
    – Ideas, issues, knowledge, data – visualized.
  8. Infographic of the Day
    – Fast Company’s excellent and long running series.
  9. FlowingData
    - Exploring how designers, scientists visualize data.
  10. Infographics Archive
    – A visual library offering infographics.
  11. Visual Loop
    - There’s an infographic for it… even if it didn’t happen!
  12. Infographr
    – All about infographics.
  13. Newsilike
    – An infographics blog from India.
  14. Video Infographics
    – Motion infographics that explain, educate or inform.
  15. Datavisualization.ch
    – A news and knowledge resource for data visualization.
  16. VisualJournalism
    – 80% of the news in infographics.
  17. Eagereyes
    – Reflections on the visual communication of data.
  18. Amazing Infographics
    - Cool information graphics.
  19. Submit Infographics
    - Share and rate infographics.
  20. The Infographics Showcase
    – Collecting infographics.
  21. I Love Charts
    – A Tumblr blog about charts.
  22. Well Formed Data
    – An infographics blog by a freelance data visualizer.
  23. Best Infographics
    – Pointing you toward great infographics.
  24. Infographic List
    – For those who love infographics.

Data Visualization Tools and Software

  1. Piktochart
    – Transforms your information into memorable presentations.
  2. Infogr.am
    - Create interactive charts and infographics.
  3. Gephi
    – Like Photoshop for data. Graph visualization and manipulation software.
  4. Tableau Public
    - Free data visualization software.
  5. Free Vector Infographic Kit
    – Vector infographic elements from MediaLoot.
  6. Weave
    – Web-based analysis and visualization environment.
  7. ChartsBin
    – A web-based data visualization tool.
  8. GeoCommons
    – See your data on a map.
  9. VIDI
    – A suite of powerful Drupal visualization modules.
  10. Prefuse
    – Information visualization software.
  11. StatSilk
    – Desktop and online software for mapping and visualization.
  12. Gliffy
    – Online diagram and flowchart software.
  13. Hohli
    – Online charts builder.
  14. Many Eyes
    – Lets you upload data and create visualizations.
  15. Google Chart Wizard
    – Generate image charts.

Data Sources

  1. DataMarket
    – Find and understand data.
  2. WorldMap
    – Explore, visualize and publish geographic information.
  3. Influence Explorer
    – Provides overviews of political influence data for politicians.
  4. US Census Bureau
    – Measures America (people, places, economy).
  5. Freebase
    – An entity graph of people, places and things from Google.
  6. World Bank Data
    – The world at a glance (key development indicators).
  7. Data360
    – Telling compelling and data-driven stories.
  8. Number Of
    – You ask, they count.
  9. Gallup
    – Public opinion polls.
  10. EveryBlock
    – Uncovers info on large cities contained in government databases.
  11. Daytum
    – Helps you collect, organize and communicate your everyday data.
  12. Google Public Data
    - Filter and animate data sets from around the world.
  13. Gapminder
    - Displays time series of development statistics for all countries.
  14. Munterbund
    - Graphical visualization of text similarities in essays.

Infographic Articles and Tutorials

  1. How to Create Outstanding Modern Infographics
    – Vectortuts+
  2. Infographic: Do-It-Yourself Guide to Infographics
    – Marketing Tech Blog
  3. A Few Rules for Making Homemade Infographics
    – The Atlantic Wire
  4. The Do’s and Don’ts of Infographic Design
    – Smashing Magazine
  5. How to Create a Great Infographics (Slideshow)
    – The Content Lab
  6. Design a Magazine Infographic
    – Digital Arts
  7. Create an Infographic Typography Animation
    – aetuts+
  8. How to Create Great Infographics
    – .net magazine
  9. The Anatomy of an Infographic
    – SpyreStudios
  10. How to Strike a Balance Between Data and Visualization
    – The Daily Egg
  11. 7 Steps to Make Your Infographic a Success
    – SEOmoz

Other / Miscellaneous / Overflow

  1. Wolfram CDF
    – Create “infoapps” using always-current data.
  2. KISSmetrics Infographics
    – Useful infographics by KISSmetrics.
  3. Better World Flux
    – A beautiful interactive visualization of what matters in life.
  4. Data Wrangler
    – Interactive tool for data cleaning and transformation.
  5. Lyza
    – Analyze, socialize, decide.
  6. A World of Tweets
    – Twitter visualization.
  7. We Feel Fine
    - An exploration of human emotion.
  8. Visual Economics
    – Unraveling complexities in financial data.
  9. ComponentArt DV
    – Present, navigate and visualize your data like never before.
  10. DOMO
    – Business intelligence platform.
  11. Infochimps
    – Big data infrastructure made clear.
  12. Evaluat3
    – The best way to know your professional strengths (graphs).
  13. Webpages As Graphics
    – An HTML DOM visualizer app.
  14. Creately
    – Draw diagrams online using a collaborative approach.
  15. Wordle
    - Create beautiful word clouds.
  16. Tagxedo
    - Word clouds with style.